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FAT GRAFTING - Non Surgical Facelift with Adipose Stem cells
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FAMI™ the Roger Amar technique called Stemcell Facelift in Cosmetic Surgery

Following pages introduce the Dr Amar´s FAMI manual for patients and scholars. Introduction to Regenerative Medicine applied to Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, FAMI™ with its Adipose Stemcell-therapy has replaced the conventionnal Fat Grafting, Lipofilling or Lipostructure.

Dr Roger Amar

FAMI™ - Facial rejuvenation and repair technique developed by Dr. Roger E. Amar is a non-invasive anti-aging alternative to traditional face-lift.

FAMI consists of an autograft of adult stem cells from fat injected under local block anesthesia in order to rebuild bones, muscles and facial fat pads. FAMI™ fat autograft muscle injection is a genuine non invasive procedure with a micro-anatomical grafting precision.

FAMI™ is a true organic procedure which gives harmonious rejuvenation and repair and prevent the stigmas of aging process. 


FAMI Dr Roger Amar with Cameras duing traing surgery

Numerous doctors around the world have attended courses by Dr. Roger Amar in the United States. Europe and South Korea in order to learn how to develop this innovative surgical technique. Having among his patients a large number of doctors, doctors' wife, Dr Amar has also created a Foundation with the purpose of help disfigured people by accidents or tumors who cannot afford the costs of the operation.

The FAMICLINICS in Spain, UK and USA, can offer to patients the FAMI™procedure by Dr Roger Amar Team for better quality and safety.

The AMAR CLINIC in Marbella (SPAIN) will offer soon to all patients the possibility to harvest their adipose stem cells and transfer them in a TissueBank for future use. Their frozen stem cells will keep indefinitely all their youthful potentialities.

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